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Carport Builders

Want to build a new carport, improve an existing one or convert to a garage?
We have the team and resources it takes to make your project happen!

RV Garage Builders

Need to fit your RV, Boat or Trailer?

We build custom garages to your exact specs

Casita Builders

Casitas & Guesthouses increase your property value and can generate extra income.

We can match the finishes to compliment your home

Detached Garage Builders

Detached Garages can be a beautiful addition to your property. Increase curb appeal and resale value while protecting your cars and other assets.

We match the trim and exterior finishes to your house for the best look.

Shed Builders

Sheds & Workshops are built to meet your exact needs.

We always consult our customers to understand their exact needs so we can get it right the first time.

Attached Garage Builders Phoenix

Building an Attached Garage requires a good understanding of permits and regulations

We design the optimal garage for you and take care of the permit application so you can stay focused on your vision.

Building a Garage in Phoenix:
What You Need to Know

We know that planning and building a garage in Phoenix can be a challenging and stressful process, however it can also be very exciting and rewarding! Knowing what elements you need to plan for and doing your research ahead of time will save you a lot of headaches and allow you to focus on fun stuff. So we have put together a bit of information to help you out. Happy reading!

 There are many factors to consider when planning your garage construction. The first thing to consider is what you plan to use your garage for, such as a vehicle, a boat, RV storage or even a guesthouse or casita. If you are planning to use it as a workshop that may require additional power and electrical wiring. Knowing exactly what you will need to use your garage for will also help us determine the type of garage structure you need. We will advise you on how much space you have to build your garage and how that will affect the dimensions you have to work with. 

Once you have a clear idea of the intended use of your garage you can start to think about the next step in your garage construction plan. It is important to know the cost of building a garage. The size and type of garage you choose will directly affect the cost to build it. Another important thing to note is what permits and building codes are required in your area to build a garage.

As experienced garage contractors in Phoenix, we have had years of experience with the permit application process. We know who to talk to and how to apply for variances with the best rates of success

Garage Flooring

The foundation of any building is it’s flooring and this is no exception when it comes to building a garage in Phoenix AZ. Knowing what your garage’s main use helps us determine the best type of garage flooring to use.  

You will want something that is durable and suitable for your needs.  Some common types of garage flooring include. 

  1. Poured Concrete
  2. Porcelain Tiles
  3. Interlocking Garage Tiles.
  4. Epoxy Coating 

There are pros and cons to each type and you will want to consider which type of flooring will best suit your needs. 

Concrete is a great choice and when covered with an epoxy coating becomes even more durable. Epoxy garage flooring is a type of coating that is poured onto the concrete floor. It is long lasting and highly durable. Epoxy floor coating in Phoenix is great because it is resistant to stains from oil or gas. It is water-resistant and does not easily chip if something falls on the floor.  

Porcelain tiles are becoming a popular option as well because they are easy to keep clean and are highly resistant to water, chemical damage, and stains. Other types of tiles such as rubber or wood composite are another option if you are looking for something a bit gentler and more economical than tile. Standing and working for extended periods of time on rubber or wood tiles is more forgiving than on concrete.

Garage Roofing

There are several types of garage roofing materials to choose from when working with a Phoenix garage builder. If curb appeal is important to you, you will probably want to choose a type of roofing that matches your house roofing since the garage is often considered an extension of the house. If you are building a detached garage or casita, you may have more freedom to choose a different roofing material that does not necessarily match your house roofing as closely. 

There are pros and cons to the various types of roofing materials and another factor to consider is the durability and longevity of the roof you are wanting for your garage. 

    1. Metal Roofing
    2. Asphalt Shingles 
    3. Terracotta Roof Tiles 

Metal Roofing is a great choice because it is durable, doesn’t require much maintenance, and is easy to repair when needed. It can be more costly but is a good investment if you are looking for a long-lasting roof.

Asphalt Shingles are another popular option because they are durable, cost-effective, and come in a variety of colors. They work on nearly any type of roof. If damaged, it is easy to replace just a few shingles rather than re-roof the whole garage. 

Terracotta Roofs are another option to consider and are very popular in Phoenix AZ. While they are heavy and more breakable, garage builders in Phoenix find them to be an excellent choice because they are fireproof and can last 100 years or more, and require nearly zero

Garage Door Repair & Installation

Our garage contractors in Phoenix are skilled at garage door installation and repair. A new garage door offers improved security, insolation, and curb appeal over older garage doors. 

Having your garage door professionally installed will save you time & money because our garage door installation technicians have all the right tools combined with training and experience to do the job right. 

If repairs are needed in the future, these are usually covered by the warranty.


In order to obtain a permit for your garage construction in Phoenix, We must submit 2 sets of residential plans outlining your project details either electronically or on paperPaper submissions can be submitted at the Planning and Development Office. These plans need to show:

  • Floor plans
  • Foundation plans
  • Framing plans
  • Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing plans (if required)

Our team is familiar with the process and can help every step of the way to ensure you obtain the permits you need for your project. You can find the checklist here

Garage Cabinets & Storage

When working with a garage builder in Phoenix, it is important to plan out the type of garage storage you will need. There are many options to consider when designing and building your garage.  Perhaps the best option for you might be garage storage cabinets. These garage storage systems are a great option if you want to store your items without having to see them all the time. 

Garage cabinets in Phoenix can be either freestanding or built-in wall mounted cabinets. It is important to keep in mind what you will be storing and how sturdy you need your cabinet to be. 

Safety Cabinets provide storage for items such as hazardous materials that may need to be hidden or locked away for safety reasons.

Overhead garage storage is another option if you want to maximize your floor space for other purposes. Shelves or racks are excellent for overhead storage and can be customized to fit exactly what you need to have stored, whether that is boxes, bikes, or other equipment.

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Garage Builders in Phoenix

1. Difficult to Do It Yourself

  • Can be dangerous
  • Very time consuming
  • Work may need to be redone

2. Safety Standards & Building Regulations.

3. Sourcing Quality Materials

4. Expert Labor Means Quality Results

Cost to Build a Garage in Phoenix

This is the heading

Building a Garage In Arizona can cost around $35K – $120K. Currently in 2021, due to Covid-19 and other political & economic factors, the costs of materials have increased by 200% since the beginning of 2020. With Covid-19, many lumber mills are either closed or operating at 30% capacity.

To add to this, the import tariffs placed on Chinese Steel and Canadian Lumber have further increased the material costs. Material costs are expected to decrease and stabilize once the economy has recovered from the pandemic, however the prices will stay unstable and volatile for the foreseeable future. 

It is difficult to comment on general prices to build a garage in Arizona as these will vary greatly depending on the types of materials selected as well as the current regulatory and economic conditions. We can advise you in selecting materials and timelines that are most economic for you.

For these reasons, expect to pay more than what market value was before 2020. 

Once you submit a deposit, we will draw the plans and apply for the appropriate building permits. This can take up to 3 weeks. In some cases, it could take longer just to get the initial approvals for the permits. You can rest assured that our extensive experience and contacts with the municipality will put this process on the fast-track and will be in good hands.

Once the permits are obtained, we proceed to order your material and get started with preparing the foundation. Materials will often take between 2 weeks – 1 month to arrive, and the building process is typically another month. All in all, you could have a new garage within 3 – 4 months. In rare circumstances, we have seen the project extend to 6 months.

Whatever your timeline of budget, we have the team and experience to make your garage building project a success. Call us bellow for a FREE ESTIMATE. 

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