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Epoxy Garage Flooring Phoenix

What is Garage Floor Epoxy Phoenix?

Applying epoxy garage flooring to your garage in Phoenix AZ is one of the best ways to boost its visual appeal, functionality and resale value. While its surface has a sleek appearance, it’s actually tougher than concrete and resistant to stains and chemicals. 

Instead of drying like paint, epoxy undergoes a chemical reaction. In other words, the garage floor epoxy cures. This gives the garage flooring a thick epoxy coating which enables it to form a firm bond to the poured concrete floor.

Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy in Phoenix AZ

Epoxy garage flooring in Phoenix looks great and is more affordable than you think. It offers long-term durability, great value and various benefits.

Boost Your Phoenix Garage’s Value

Applying epoxy garage floor coating will make you a proud homeowner all over again. With a variety of decorative options to choose from, you get to control the look and feel of your garage. This protective coating will preserve your garage flooring, requiring virtually no maintenance and increasing the value of the garage significantly.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Phoenix :
Easy to Clean

No matter what the weather is outside or the mess you make inside, epoxy floor coatings are super easy to clean off.

Simple Application Process

At Garage Builders of Phoenix, we know your time is valuable and that’s why we offer the quickest, professional-grade epoxy floor coating installations in the state of Arizona.

Cost of Epoxy Garage Flooring Phoenix AZ:

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Many homeowners fall for the myth that Epoxy garage floor installations are an overly expensive investment. When you consider the amazing looks and benefits, they provide, it can be easy to see why.

Dishonest garage builders in Chandler, Mesa & other areas in Arizona know this and will take advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge to make a few extra bucks off you whenever they can.

In reality, epoxy floor coating is more cost-effective than many of the other projects around the home. Epoxy can be applied right on top of your current flooring material and your floor will remain intact and look great for years to come. Add this to the fact that our epoxy floor installations include a multi-year warranty and you have an unbeatable deal.

 The cost of a garage floor epoxy project will depend almost solely on the size of the surface you would like to cover, measured in sq/ft. If you know your dimensions that you would like to coat in epoxy, we will be able to give you an accurate estimate over the phone.

Other Types of Garage Flooring in Phoenix AZ

Garage Floor Tiles

Interlocking floor tiles can be used to cover up your existing floor covering. They provide a great visual style and excellent durability that will keep your floor well protected.

They are available in a wide range of materials, colors and patterns to style your garage.

Garage Floor Mats

When you’re looking for durability, garage floor mats fit the bill quite well. These tough mats are crafted from rubber or vinyl and can simply be placed on the floor and you’re done!

Garage floor mats are made with textured or grooved construction to ease the flow of liquids and dirt off the mats. These mats use easy to clean materials which also provide cushioning to reduce fatigue on your legs.

Primer + Paint Flooring

Painting your garage floor is an affordable and yet very effective option to transform the look and feel of your garage. Floor paints are available in a wide array of colors that will let you achieve the exact look you’ve always wanted.

In addition, floor paint gives your floor a moderate amount of protection and keeps it free from dust.

Why Hire A Professional Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Expert

The process of installing epoxy garage flooring to your Phoenix home can be complex and there’s really no room for errors. Even the slightest mistake may lengthen the process by days and can incur additional costs. For health reasons, it is imperative to be prepared with the proper safety equipment. 

As professional epoxy garage flooring installers in Phoenix, we have expertise which comes from years of hands-on experience and knowledge. As a homeowner, you can rest easy knowing that your project will be completed safely, on time and with great results.

As the premier team of Garage Builders in Phoenix, our passion lies in providing top value and service to our local community. That’s why when you hire our team of garage floor experts, we make sure that your hard-earned investment is put to good use.

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